When businesses consider VoIP, they usually focus on cost savings and the challenges related to migrating from legacy telephony. This is understandable given how well legacy telephony has served business over the years, along with the fact that VoIP is relatively new and less familiar. By comparison, the telephones are simple endpoints with little differentiation, warranting minimal attention during the decision-making process for VoIP.

VTech’s view is quite the opposite, and holds that your choice of SIP phone may be the most important decision you make when migrating to VoIP. While all business phones function the same way, VoIP provides a richer communications experience than legacy telephony, and SIP phones are an integral part of delivering that experience. This will not be apparent when viewed from a legacy telephony mindset.

By looking beyond cost savings from VoIP, our research shows how value comes not just from the SIP phones used by your employees, but also from the vendors that supply these phones. To get full value from your migration to VoIP, the right choices need to be made for both the VoIP provider and the SIP phone vendor.

VTech® warrants carefulconsideration among SIP phone vendors. We encourage you to draw your own conclusions when evaluating them based on the attributes reviewed herein. In our view, notable differentiators are as follows:

  • Breadth of product line, covering fixed-line, cordless and wireless headset options.
  • Comprehensive feature set at a competitive price point.
  • End-to-end strength across the supply chain.
  • SMB-friendly customer support and warranty coverage.
  • Strong company, especially in terms of financials, R&D and brand recognition.

These are core qualities that we believe define value, not just for SIP phones, but for the company behind them as well. As presented herein, there are other qualities to consider as well, and whatever vendor you ultimately choose,our key message is the need to look beyond price if you want to get full value from your transition to VoIP.