An industry that is constantly growing.

VoIP is a rapidly growing industry. In recent years, VoIP services have become an integral part of virtually every business. With unmatched voice features and all-in-one communication systems, it’s easy to see why successful businesses need Public Telephone Company.

When you become a PTC reseller, you are giving yourself the opportunity to work on your terms. Earn the income you want with no capital and no equipment. You can start earning revenue immediately as you break ground on your exciting new venture in a thriving industry.

Are you ready to start earning?

Keep your customers longer.

We’re committed to customer service. Building solid relationships with your customers leads to happier customers, which drives them to stay with our service longer. We foster customer relationships and value our partnerships.

Also, we’re committed to staying ahead with the latest technology. We’re constantly improving our product and releasing new features that your customers will love. Our around the clock support line is here to give you help when you need it.

Become a VoIP trailblazer

Our resellers have the vision to see potential revenue streams and grow their customer base. There is no limit to your earning potential! PTC values our resellers. We offer margins well above industry average as well as a variety of programs to help you capitalize on the thriving VoIP industry.

A rewarding and flexible career

VoIP resellers help solve business challenges with flexible cloud-based solutions, convenience of mobility, dozens of features and customized options. You will be empowering business owners while securing a steady revenue stream. You can easily track your business metrics as your customer base rapidly increases and your VoIP business grows.

Let’s get down to business.

You don’t need to be a VoIP expert to be successful. We provide the training, equipment and tools – all you need is a vision and the willingness to make the move. VoIP customer opportunities are increasing every year. The best time to start a VoIP business is now.

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