Mobile Office

In most typical office systems, extensions are assigned to physical telephones. Employees have to be at their phones to receive calls or forward that number to another extension in the office.

With Public Telephone Company of America VoIP, numbers are instead assigned to people, and the people let the system know what phone (or phones) they want calls routed to.  This is an important difference, and it gives our system tremendous power while giving your company tremendous flexibility.

Calls can be routed to any phone, of any type, anywhere in the world.  They can even be scheduled to automatically route to a different phone based on your calendar.  Incoming business calls can be taken by employees who telecommute from home offices, or by those who work in branch offices, without the need for extra hardware, expensive tie lines, or complex system configuration and management.  And employees who travel or work from remote sites can automatically receive business calls on their cellular phones.

While employees can work from anywhere, the caller experience is unchanged.  Callers still dial the main business number, they still hear your business’s custom greeting, and they still dial the same extension number or queue.  They don’t even have to know you are not “in your office”. But, you really are in your office because the world is now your office.

Who needs a Mobile Office?

Everyone does especially Realtors, Insurance Companies, Sales Companies, and other offices with agents in the field. It’s ideal for forwarding cell phones to after hour’s business lines.

Presence Management

Our VoIP has an amazing feature called “Presence Management”.  If you want, will follow you wherever you are.  It uses Internet technology to pinpoint your exact location and push incoming calls to your position.  For example, you may have to leave your office to go talk to an employee downstairs and forgot to set your settings to forward calls to your cell phone.  While you’re talking with your employee, you share a recent Email with him from your Smartphone.  VoIP instantly detects the network activity from your Smartphone and pushes an incoming call from your office directly to your phone.  It’s truly amazing and that easy.

With Public Telephone Company of America Mobile Office, you can even use someone else’s phone anywhere to use your VOIP connection.  Just to walk up to any telephone instrument in any office, or borrow a cell phone, and dial a couple of numbers on the keypad (“log in”).  That telephone then temporarily assumes the configuration of the telephone line in your home office.  By assuming your telephone number, your list of speed dial numbers, and your intercom settings, it becomes a temporary substitute for your VOIP phone in your office!

As more and more businesses are operating with a mobile workforce using this technology has great advantages. An employee can have his personal cellular telephone for his personal use and also integrate it to his office phone.  When a business call comes in it routes through his desktop and to his cell phone.  If the employee wants to a customer call from his cell phone – the caller ID the customer will see is the caller ID of your business – not the cellular phone.

This eliminates the need for two different telephone numbers, and also protects the employer’s customer base contacts.  For example, if a sale representative from you company leaves you don’t have to worry about his customers following.  When they call the office line you simply reroute the calls to another employee.  No more wondering why you lost your customers.

Mobile VoIP Benefits

  • All cell phones can be integrated into you business VoIP system – just as if they were desk phones.
  • Calls coming into the main business number can be seamlessly routed to cell phones through extension dialing. This is a great solution for employees that are often out of the office.
  • Make and receive calls without using up your mobile minutes.
  • Display your company ID on outbound calls, keeping your personal number private.
  • Make and receive calls over hotspot and Wi-Fi.
  • Extension-to-extension dialing